Spring 2023 Meeting

The Spring 2023 Annual Meeting of the North Carolina Geographical Society occurred on Friday, March 17th in Durham, NC. The event was hosted on the campus of North Carolina Central University in the Mary M. Townes Science Building located at 1900 Concord St, Durham, NC 27707.

Conference Program

The conference began on March 17 at 9:00 am with a Welcome Address from NCGS Vice-President Joyce Clapp and President Jesse M. Lane.

We would also like to thank Jeff Essic for being our keynote speaker this year. Jeff is a GIS and Data Librarian at NC State University Libraries. He does many things in this role, including working with students and faculty to find and use GIS data, software, and maintain the Libraries’ data computing labs. Additionally, he teaches workshops, conducts class instruction sessions, and is an ArcGIS Online administrator. Jeff has worked for the NC State Libraries since 2003, and worked prior to that for Triangle J Council of Governments.  He received a BS in Conservation from NC State in 1994, and MS in Spatial Information Systems in 1998. He grew up in Davie County, near Winston-Salem, and now lives in Raleigh with his family including two kids inn their early teens, which is a second full-time job. Jeff enjoys non-urban travel on two-lane roads and all kinds of outdoor work and recreation.

We would like to give a special thank you to Tim Mulrooney and Marion Lamberth at NCCU for hosting the conference and and making it an absolute success! For details on the conference presentations and minutes from the business meeting, see the Program and Business Meeting – 2023 Annual Meeting page.