Local Government Boundary Change in Brunswick County, North Carolina: 1990 - 2010

  • Russell M. Smith Winston-Salem State University
  • Aaron Fennell Winston-Salem State University


Studies conducted on local government boundary change have tended to focus on only one form of boundary change action (e.g. annexation, incorporation, merger/consolidation, secession and special district formation). However, as Feiock and Carr (2001) discussed a more holistic examination into the interaction between all five forms of local government boundary change is necessary to advance our understanding of these complicated and related urban and political phenomena. As a result, this paper examined local government boundary changes within Brunswick County, NC in an attempt to better understand these diverse forms of boundary change through a case study analysis. Brunswick County, NC was chosen do to its high frequency of local government boundary change action and rapid population growth between 1990 and 2010. Results of this study imply that the completion of one type of local government boundary change often instigate a response in the form of another method of local government boundary change.