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Vol. 20 (2021): North Carolina Geographer
The North Carolina Geographer, Volume 20, 2021. Journal of the North Carolina Geographical Society. Editors-in-Chief, Jesse M. Lane and Joyce Clapp. Picture on this document, a photograph overlooking the Lucky Strike Tower located near the Bull's Stadium in Durham, North Carolina.

In this volume, you will find much exciting research about geography and life in North Carolina. In “Trends in Flood Insurance Behavior Following Hurricanes in North Carolina,” Julia Cardwell discusses uptake behavior in National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) claims in North Carolina throughout the past 25 years. In “A Comprehensive Assessment and Evaluation of the Digital Geospatial Data Sources Used in the Study of Food Deserts and Food Swamps,” Timothy Mulrooney et al., discuss the accuracy of spatial data in determining food deserts.  In “Proliferating Transportation-Related Careers Through the NSTI,” Chris McGinn et al., discuss the role of the National Summer Transportation Institute in providing educational and training opportunities to middle and high school students. In “Environmental Outcomes of Municipal Incorporation,” Russell M. Smith and Richard G. Moye, Jr. investigate the disproportionate impact of environmental disasters on communities of color throughout the United States. We are so pleased that these authors shared their research with us during this critical, liminal point in history.  We are excited about the future of this journal and look forward to future manuscript submissions.

Published: 2021-08-18

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