NCGS Membership

New for 2021: NCGS Annual Meeting registration prices will include annual NCGS membership for the calendar year (Jan 2021-December 2021).

The North Carolina Geographical Society's purpose is to promote the field of Geography in North Carolina. To this end, full membership in the society entitles members to participate in society events, services, and offices. In addition, members will have access to:

  • exclusive access to the North Carolina Geographer for one year;
  • direct access to the archives of the North Carolina Geographer;
  • reduced rates for society events and workshops; and
  • access to the members roster (as updated).

Preregistration abstract submission
If you plan to attend the 2021 annual meeting (held virtually March 12, 2021) and would like to submit an abstract for a poster or oral presentation, and you are NOT a current member, please register for a temporary account. This can be used to login to the presentation abstract portal, but does not give you access to member materials until you complete your full membership registration.

Create Account

Full-year membership starts on January 1st and ends December 31st of the year the fee is paid; half-year membership starts March 1st and ends December 31st.. There are two levels of membership (conference registration includes membership):

Standard membership - $30 USD
This is full membership in the society for individual's who participate in the organization and registering after October 1st..

Standard membership/half year - $15 USD

This is a full  membership in the society for those joining after March 1st.

Full-time student membership - $20
Student members must have proof that they are registered full-time in a degree program. Student members are individuals and have full membership privileges. You will be contacted to verify eligibility.