Early results of survey

Only four days into the survey and we already have a larger response rate than I was hoping for, so thank you all for supporting the NCGS. I wanted to share a few numbers of note:

  • over 95% of respondents believe the NCGS should continue
    • all positive respondents also believe the North Carolina Geographer should continue
  • most respondents feel that all of the areas listed (meeting, journal, advocacy, and support) are important
  • 20% of the respondents are willing to jump in and help get the NCGS back up and running and almost everyone is willing to be active in running the society
  • only 33% of respondents were previous NCGS members, so we are already reaching a broader audience (actually I was never a member either, since I couldn't figure out who to pay)

I am going to leave the survey open through February to try to broaden the respondents through the NCGIS conference, but I will contact those willing to jump in and get us started in late January. I also hope to arrange a meet-up/interest meeting at the NCGIS conference. Details to come.

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