NCGS Business Meeting Minutes May 2019

  • Suggestion to move the NCGS meeting to Nov 1 avoid other conferences in Charlotte, NC and Greenville, SC on Oct 25 
    • Will to work with UNCG to order lunches, room organization, etc 

    • Conference ideas and information

    • Grad (and undergrad) student career discussion

      • Panel for conference 

      • Job options for grads (non-academic and academic)

        • Corey (UNCG) happy to spearhead session 

      • Grad school tables for undergrads

      • Information session for undergrads?

    • Call for participation timeline

      • Mid-August call, abstracts due Oct 4 or 11

      • Schedule (all-day Nov 1) 

      • Morning for presentations

      • Lunch PhD student or public geographer as keynote speaker

      • Afternoon geo-bowl (and business meeting)

    • Develop tentative schedule for July meeting (Jesse)

    • Flyer to send out in August

  • Deferred conversation on journal to next meeting

  • Quick review of Geography at institutions in attendance

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