Abstract deadline extended

The deadline for abstracts for the 2017 annual meeting of the NCGS has been extended to October 8. Poster and paper presentation submissions are encouraged from all areas or geography and individuals of all level of experience.

Membership and Meeting Flyers

The North Carolina Geographical Society is a professional and educational organization that includes all aspects of Geography in the state of North Carolina. The NCGS Board is working to expand the society’s capabilities and offerings while maintaining key aspects of the society such as the journal (the North Carolina Geographer) and annual meeting. More information on annual membership in the society can be found on the ncgeography.org website.

Our next meeting will be held in Winston-Salem on Friday, November 3. There will be a business meeting beginning 10:00, followed by a lunch and poster session mid-day, and presentations in the afternoon. The call for posters and presentations, as well as registration, can be found at ncgeography.org/meeting

Full-time students are encouraged to participate in the society with discounted rates for membership and meeting registration.

Please share this information about the NCGS with your colleagues and/or students. We look forward to supporting all of those with an interest in Geography and seeing you at the annual meeting.

  • https://ncgeography.org/downloads/NCGSflyer.pdf
  • https://ncgeography.org/downloads/ncgs_meeting_flyer.pdf
  • Minutes, 1 August 2017

    North Carolina Geographical Society

    Meeting Minutes
    August 1, 2017

    Jesse Rouse
    Russ Smith
    Joseph Sloop

    1) Fall 2017 NCGS Meeting
    Current plan is to hold the meeting Friday, 7 November on or near the WSSU campus. There will be a business meeting in the morning and presentations in the afternoon with a focus on North Carolina content. Price with be set for members based on cost and nonmembers will pay cost + membership. There will be an opportunity for posters as well. Final details and advertising should be in place by late August or early September.

    2) Publications
    We will reach out to specific individuals regarding positions on the editorial board then open the call broadly. Hope to have the primary editor for the North Carolina Geographer on board by the fall meeting so that a call for papers can go out soon.

    3) Website and advertising
    Website is ready for access, though more content is planned for the fall. Advertising for the society and the fall meeting will begin as soon as details are finalized for the fall NCGS meeting. We will reach out to other NC groups to advertise to their membership.

    Elections will be deferred until 2018 unless there is significant interest by the membership to hold elections sooner.

    Membership now open

    The membership page is now open. If you would like to participate in the North Carolina Geographical Society the standard membership is $30/year, while full-time student membership is $20/year (registration will be verified).

    Membership currently includes:

    • ability to run for offices in the Fall
    • exclusive access to the North Carolina Geographer for one year;
    • direct access to the archives of the North Carolina Geographer;
    • reduced rates for society events and workshops; and
    • access to the members roster (as updated).

    We are also looking for authors, reviewers, and editors for the North Carolina Geographer. If you are interested in finding out more, contact us.

    Minutes, 3 March 2017

    North Carolina Geographical Society

    Meeting Minutes
    March 3, 2017

    Chris Hawk
    Nathan Phillippi
    Jesse Rouse
    Russ Smith
    Richard Tuinstra

    1) Call to order

    Jesse Rouse called to order the meeting of the Interim Board of the North Carolina Geographical Society at 1:00PM on March 3, 2017 via a video conference (available at https://uncp.webex.com/uncp/ldr.php?RCID=3de739557bfa723b86cc613dbd3a72b7).

    2) Approval of minutes from last meeting

    No previous minutes were available for approval.

    3) Open issues

    No open issues

    4) New business

    • Membership
      • It was agreed that membership should be moved to a digital process
      • Bank account will need to be created for the organization (previous account was closed)
      • Membership should be broad, pulling from academia, government, and private sector
    • Publications
      • Publication should be digital
      • North Carolina Geographer should be the only publication and items formerly associated with the newsletter should either be included on the webpage/social media or incorporated into the North Carolina Geographer
    • Organization
      • NCGS should maintain current roster of elected officials.
      • Suggestion to house the day-to-day activities of the NCGS at a NC university on a rotating five year basis to have continuity between officers and support long-term efforts. UNCP volunteered for the first 5 years (2017-2021)
      • Question of whether to include South Carolina to create a ‘Carolina Geographical Society’ was raised
    • Interim board positions
      • Nominations and agreements were as follows (though I am not sure anyone would fight if others wanted the jobs):
      • Jesse Rouse – President
      • Russ Smith – Vice President
      • Chris Hawk – Secretary/Treasurer

    5) Adjournment

    Jesse Rouse adjourned the meeting at 1:28PM.

    Minutes submitted by:  Jesse Rouse

    Early results of survey

    Only four days into the survey and we already have a larger response rate than I was hoping for, so thank you all for supporting the NCGS. I wanted to share a few numbers of note:

    • over 95% of respondents believe the NCGS should continue
      • all positive respondents also believe the North Carolina Geographer should continue
    • most respondents feel that all of the areas listed (meeting, journal, advocacy, and support) are important
    • 20% of the respondents are willing to jump in and help get the NCGS back up and running and almost everyone is willing to be active in running the society
    • only 33% of respondents were previous NCGS members, so we are already reaching a broader audience (actually I was never a member either, since I couldn't figure out who to pay)

    I am going to leave the survey open through February to try to broaden the respondents through the NCGIS conference, but I will contact those willing to jump in and get us started in late January. I also hope to arrange a meet-up/interest meeting at the NCGIS conference. Details to come.